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Michigan Vampire Ball
Carnival of Shadows

Palace Hall

Welcome to the Dark Masquerade

a part of the

The Michigan Vampire Ball


Carnival of Shadows.

Join us for the Sweetest Day of all

October 21, 2023! 


The Dark Masquerade is a Victorian Vampire themed ball. The Carnival of shadows is a Victorian Macabre themed carnival of oddities and things one might see at a Victorian era  carnival with side shows and more. 

This is an 18+ event and  some things will offend you!


Things you might see: 

Snake Charmer

Bearded Lady

Strong man




Witches, Wizards, and more!

Gates open 5pm - Midnight Carnival Admission $5

Alcohol Wristbands $5

Ball: 6pm - Midnight (Carnival Entrance and wrist band included in ticket price for the Ball!) 

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