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Marshall, Mi

June 17th- 19th

Festival of Kings and Jarls

June 17

6pm - Midnight

June 18

12pm - midnight

June 19

12PM - 6PM

Stuart's Landing 

603 Homer Rd.

Marshall, Mi

May 5th & 6thth

Feast June 5th 

7pm- midnight (Gates open at 6pm

Festival of Kings and Jarls



Valhalla Mead Hall (21+)

Silk Road Merchants

Kindered Sisters

Hands-on History!

Viking Games! 

And more!

Fun for all! 

Tournament Information
Axe throwing 

Join us for Axe and Knife throwing. 

Come show us your skills at some Viking Axe and knife throwing! 

This isn't for the faint of heart, 

We don't use plywood! 

It's real wood logs! 

Knife and Axe throwing not your thing? 

Try your hand at Shield Tossing! 

Show us your strength and come toss some shields! 

Challenge your Friends at Some Viking Games! 

Challenge your friends at a round of


We promise you will get a laugh at this crazy Viking game! 

We will also have Hnelfatafl (Viking Chess)

To learn and play! 


Or you can try your hand at Kubb! 

Learn to play this challenging Viking game! 

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