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For those who follow the Viking path every day! 

We are more than 'Weekend Vikings'!

We are about the history, culture, and Religion.

We are more than just a fad, we are Heathens and Pagans at heart!

    Path of the Old Ways was created to help the Harrow Vikings in their mission to help teach and preserve the Scandinavian History, Culture, and Religion during the early and high Viking era, through hands-on history and experiences.

We have proudly add Celtic Culture, History, and early Religion to our teachings.

     Our larger goal has become to create a place where we leave fad or being simply  'a weekend Viking' behind, and focus on those who wish to walk the true path of the old ways. By creating a place where all true Heathens and Pagans are welcome to worship and gather. Without the worry of interference from other religions and beliefs or those of a negative narrative who are walking among us.

     Our overall vision and goal is to eventually acquire land and build a Viking era village, (With Celtic notes) where Heathens and Pagans can gather without prejudice and form bonds, hold ceremonies and practice their religious beliefs, without hindrances.

      We hope to gather Heathens and Pagans who are of a like mind and heart, that are willing to help us create such a place, through volunteering, donations and much more.

Contact us to find out how to help.  


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